Chippewa Falls Public Library

    In my class Graphic Design 491 we’re revamping the image of the Chippewa Falls Public Library. They didn’t really have a logo really at all, and no real stationery to speak of. I’ve got the logo all figured out, but I’m working now on stationery, building signage, and possibly a website. I’m excited about this project and I think it’ll make a great portfolio piece.

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    1. Hi Jesse. I have a job interview at the Chippewa Falls Public Library on Wednesday. The position I’m interviewing for is “Information Services Coordinator.”
      Your site came up in the Google search I did to prepare for the interview. Sounds like you were thinking about or talking about building a new website for the library. Apparently it never happened. I am currently taking a Dreamweaver class and one of my selling points (I hope) will be the possibility of improving the library’s web presence. How receptive to that kind of thing do you think they will be? If you are willing to tell me anything that might help I’d really appreciate it.
      Thank You,
      Jeff Siemers

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