Some Questions Cannot be Answered

    Last year in my Classical Politics class I got to read some of the greats like Plato and Aristotle. I enjoyed reading Plato. I felt like I could connect to some of his philosophys because it was so true for all of humanity. One of my favorite ideas that I took out of that class was a quote from one of his books that said,

    “The learning and knowledge that we have, is, at the most, but little compared with that of which we are ignorant.”

    Essentially, I feel like the more I learn, the less I know. College has been like that for me, I entered college as a young bright student feeling like I essentially knew everything. Almost four years later I have learned so much, and yet most of what I know is how massive this world is, and how many subjects I have not yet delved into.

    I doubt that God intended for us to be able to figure everything out, but he gave us an intellect for a reason. I’m glad that the Bible isn’t so self explanatory that it can be figured out with a glance. Otherwise faith wouldn’t be involved. No good idea or theory is without complexities. At the risk of sounding too postmodern, I think what the church needs is more open dialogue. Doubt is discouraged, placed at the back of our minds so that we won’t have to face the hard questions in our journey with Christ.

    This site is simply a place for Ross and myself to post our thoughts. Specifically, our thoughts on Christian spirituality. I hope that we will confront some of those doubts here. This is an open dialogue, Ross and I will throw thoughts back and forth, and I hope that you’ll contribute as well by posting yours in comments. Check back soon, as we’ll be posting again any day.

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