Random Updates

    I haven’t updated in awhile because, truthfully, I’ve been trying to get people to sign up for that Mini Mac deal… kinda sad. But I think I’ve got all 10 people signed up now, hopefully it should be shipping out soon. In the meantime, this semester has been flying by.

    Graphic Design 476 has finished our Campus Directory Covers, which I hope to post soon enough. We also worked on a poster for the Student Art Show, mine was one of the final five chosen, but didn’t get voted as the best one. I’m alright with that though. We really need to start going on other projects though for the Chippewa Valley Economic Development Corporation, and the Eau Claire Regional Art Center.

    The Bitsplash Website is done, have a look. I think it turned out rather well and I’m quite proud though its been changed a little since I gave them the design. Might have a few more business projects coming as well. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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