How Do I Find Rest?

    I apologize for the lengthy amount of time we have gone without posting here. The school semester is finally over, and I now have some free time to put into this site. Unfortunately Ross is out of the country for awhile on two missions trips this summer. Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll grace us with a post while he’s home for a short time in between.

    All I could think about for the past month of school was how much I was looking for some rest. Some free time to get done what I wanted. I was so busy with school projects and other projects that I didn’t have any time for what I wanted to be doing. I had so many great ideas, and so much enthusiasm to get them done, I only lacked the time to actually do them.

    Now that I am home, I find myself with the opposite problem. I have all the time in the world, but I can hardly get anything done because I have no motivation or enthusiasm for anything around here. I know of all sorts of stuff that I could be doing, and yet I simply don’t do them. I don’t understand myself. There are times when I long for rest, and yet when I find time to rest I don’t use it constructively, I become a blob that cannot accomplish anything.

    What is rest? Some people simply need some sleep, others are looking for some alone time, others are just looking for time where they can do whatever they want. And while there are times when we need to catch up on these things, I think that they won’t give us exactly what we’re looking for. I want to venture that we’re not really looking for rest, but for contentment. If we could only be happy with the situation we’re in, instead of always wishing that we were somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else.

    Psalm 62:5 says, “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.” We look in all sorts of places for rest. We long for a little bit more time to sleep, a scrap of time to ourselves, yet it is never enough, and we are never satisfied. Just as Solomon found that all the wealth in the world could not make him content, take it from someone who has all the rest in the world for a time, it hasn’t made me any more content. It has made me lazy, bored, sinful, and avoid God. Quit wishing for what you do not have and be happy in the situation that you are in!

    Run to God, for in him and him only, will you find rest.

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