Am I Enough?

    I believe that’s the question each of us are asking ourselves. I’ve been asking it for a long time. I’ve been looking for that affirmation from others. Today I’ve been so frustrated that I am not everything I want to be, not everything that I could be. I know amazing men of God that I look up to and that I want to be like. But I don’t measure up to them, I am not always like them. So often I feel like I get back the answer that I am not good enough for anything. Not a good enough Christian, not a good enough friend, not good enough at my job, not a good enough member of society.

    I am not enough, I am nothing but a failure. If only I worked harder, was more disciplined, had more friends, and was more spiritual. I try to do all these things, but their needs inundate me and I end up more confused, and more of a failure than before. I strive for my goal which is to be like those people, they have become my standard. This goal that is self made – not God made.

    This is when I realize that I take this question to the wrong place. I ask my friends “Am I Enough”? I ask everyone around me, and I ask myself. I will always dissapoint people around me. And their answers are always dissapointing. Yet, when do I take this question to God? Have you ever tried praying to God and sincerely asking his opinion of you?

    I don’t think his answer would be, “Well, you haven’t read your Bible in awhile, so I’m not sure what to think about you.” He wouldn’t nitpick your spiritual “problem areas.” No, the first thing he would say is that you are his creation, and that he loves you regardless. If you take that question to God the answer you will get back is a resounding “YES!” Through Jesus we no longer have to be enough. We don’t have to measure up to a standard of anyone else, we don’t have to look to others to affirm us.

    The power of grace in action is unfathomable. God is Enough, that’s all that matters.

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