I Haxored WordPress

    One of the things I’m proud of in this new website is the technology behind it. It represents a couple of steps into new grounds that I haven’t made before. First off, the website is based on a simple XHTML skeleton, and then is styled using CSS. This method has been around for a while now, I’ve waited for a while for technology to catch up, and then I also got lazy and just didn’t want to learn it. It was a good challenge and I certainly see the flexibility and the wisdom in separating the design and the content.

    Second of all, this website is completely based on the WordPress blogging platform. Now, running a blog off of WordPress is easy, and doesn’t take much. But after trying out a billion CMS’s out there I finally settled on simply using this system. It took a bit of haxoring, and a little PHP programming on the way (scary!) but it was actually relatively simple and I’d consider recommending it for clients and friends. Each item in the Portfolio is actually a post with some custom features, this makes adding new stuff really easy. (The idea being that I update this website more often!) Plus, those designs can be sorted any number of ways, by discipline, campaign, or any other way I want.

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    1. Heya Jesse! Good to see your design work, and glad to have another wordpress devotee out there. I started using it as the engine to drive client sites at the agency I worked at in Madison, and still use it for my personal projects (I now work full time for a single client who runs everything off of a .net/ASP setup, which is TRULY scary, but what are you gonna do).

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