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    Ever since I started messing around with designing this website, in WordPress, I’ve been enjoying playing around with and learning about all sorts of different content management systems, a.k.a. CMS’s. (which is basically just a dorky way to saying “a program that creates websites on the web”) I’ve also had the pleasure of working with several while at my job at Morsekode.

    The tricky thing is, each one is totally different, and each of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Its hard to tell if one is going to work well for a website or not until you’ve really spent a decent amount of time learning about it.

    Awhile ago I decided it would be a great idea to create a website for designers like myself who want to learn about these CMS’s themselves. I also wanted to make this into a website that could display advertising and potentially create a bit of income for myself, since it is such a niche market.

    What was born out of this idea was the aptly named CMS Design Resource. After about a year of building this site on and off, I am finally launching it to the public. It’s not the first in its market, but I think it is unique in the market the way it sorts the systems, and allows users to leave reviews about them.

    Check it out, and let me know if you have any feedback about the site.


    2 thoughts on “My new website for designers

    1. Hey Jesse, pretty sweet! I gave you a review for WordPress. Did you receive my submission for the Design Gallery? The page refreshed but there was not confirmation that my information was submitted. I’m using Chrome on XP.

      Why’d you choose WordPress for the site over the other CMSs you list? 🙂

    2. Hey Ben, thanks a bunch for the review, much appreciated! I didn’t receive your submission for the Design Gallery, apparently I need to look into why it didn’t submit to me. Maybe there are others that I’ve missed too! What website did you want to submit? I’ll get it on there. As far as why I chose WordPress, mostly it was because it was what I know right now, and I knew I could accomplish the sort feature using tags. Plus, I found a good plugin that would do the rankings too. Though I had to pay for that one… Good to hear from you, thanks for the comment.

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