Superior Hiking Trail Photos

    My wife and I took a backpacking trip to the north woods of Minnesota last weekend. We came away with some gorgeous Lake views, and sore backs. I took some photos along the way and posted the more artistic ones in the photography section. If you’re my friend on Facebook you can see some more of them with Andrea and I.


    2 thoughts on “Superior Hiking Trail Photos

    1. Hey, I know that place! That’s Bean or Bear lake, right? My grandparents have lived in Silver Bay for over 50 years and I spent a lot of time there in my youth. That section of trail was my first SHT hike and it got me hooked!

    2. You got it Ben! Some of the toughest parts of the SHT, but also some of the most scenic, we really enjoyed our hike on the trail! Have you been back recently?

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