Open road tolling…

    This weekend we are again setting out in our trusty Toyota Camry for another adventure. We are headed to Lafayette, IN for my cousin Julie’s wedding. I have the perfect summer dress, shoes I borrowed from my co-worker Teresa, and pretty jewelry. Of course, a picture will follow.

    We are most excited, though, about being able to use our new I-PASS. We travel to Chicago and through the Chicago area frequently because Jesse’s mom lives there and my extended family is in IN. Now the easiest way to go is open road tolling. Every time we make the trip, I wish for an I-PASS, but we never travel during times when the customer service stations are open. After returning from my brother’s graduation, I finally remembered to order an I-PASS. Open road…here we come!

    One thought on “Open road tolling…

    1. I had not read your entry about the I-pass yet. Congratulations! It does it make it easier to zoom through the tolls and cheaper since you get charged less than paying cash. I must admit, though, that I was disappointed to hear that this was what you were most looking forward to with your trip to Indiana. I was sure it would be getting to see your mother!!!

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