Summer At-A-Glance

    For Jesse and I, summer is the time for adventure. Without my full-time teaching job, Jesse uses many of his vacation days, and we hit the road. Here is a preview of our summer to come:

    1. Superior Hiking Trail

    2. Philedelphia, PA

    3. Neenah, WI

    4. Up North in Phelps, WI

    5. Menomonie, WI

    6. Camping (Interstate and Lake Wissota State Parks)

    7. Mexico!

    Stay tuned…

    3 thoughts on “Summer At-A-Glance

    1. Will we get the pleasure of seeing you in Neenah or will it be too busy? I understand if your schedule will be full, but please think of us if it’s not! =)

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