Four years later…

    Today (and this weekend) Jesse and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. We often talk about our marriage as a journey thus our blog name. This week someone found out about our anniversary and asked, “So, how is marriage?” What a question…with so many answers.

    I simply wanted to take the opportunity to let others know it is not an easy journey, but marriage is worth the commitment and  blessings as well as the sacrifices when you find the right person to journey with. I love you, Jesse!

    Just for fun, here’s a wedding picture of how happy we are at the start of this journey and one testifying to how great it is four years later…

    July 22, 2006
    July 2010

    2 thoughts on “Four years later…

    1. I remember that day! I remember I cried when I saw you in your wedding dress! You were a beautiful bride and it was a perfect day. Thank you for letting me share it with you! Congrats to you both!

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