I lived…

    As many of you know, I had dental surgery on Tuesday, July 13. I have had surgery one time before when I had my impacted wisdom teeth removed. Thankfully, this time the surgery went much better.

    I had a receding gum line on my lower front teeth, so the dentist took skin from the roof of my mouth and grafted it to my lower gum. The procedure requires two stitches and two graft packs (one on my lower gums and one in the roof of my mouth).

    My mom was able to come over to Eagan to help Jesse take care of me. She drove me around, made all of my soft foods (yummy mashed potatoes) and made sure I was following the dentist’s orders. My mouth is still sore, but I am no longer needing the heavy pain medication.

    Still not sure when I can start eating normally again…sigh…good-bye corn-on-the-cob.

    4 thoughts on “I lived…

    1. Glad you survived Andrea!!! Sounds semi-painful:) Enjoy those nice soft foods (good excuse for ice cream, right?)


    2. I had the same thing my 1st year in college. It hurts and is not the most pleasant thing, but you will be back in no time.

    3. I thought I left a comment here already, but I don’t see it. I am sure it was the loving care you received that helped you to live! I am so glad, too!!! (XOXO, Mom)

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