The Good Times and the Sad Times

    After our anniversary trip to The Creamery, Jesse and I stopped in Eau Claire for the 25-year Navigator reunion. The Navs are very important to Jesse and I as it is the Christian organization where we met one another as well as many of our dear college friends.

    At the reunion we had the opportunity to connect with many of those friends. Three of Jesse’s former roommates were in attendance and four of Andrea’s. It was great to gather and remember all the great times we had when we were all college students (including dinner at Mancino’s).

    This week, though, we are having to say good-bye to Ross & Megan. We have lived together in the Twin Cities for the past four years. Megan and I went through finding jobs together. Ross and Jesse introduced a friend to Christ together, and we have all watched many episodes of Survivor together. We will be at a loss without these amazing friends close but are excited for the next leg of their own journey.

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