We thought we had the summer planned but this past week we have taken a few less exciting yet necessary detours. When moving into a house, it is easy to revel in all the added space. With four bedrooms for two people, we soon began using the “red bedroom” (it is currently painted red) as storage. This summer we acquired an extra guest bed and began converting the red bedroom into a second guest bedroom (believe it or not, we often need two separate sleeping spaces). This involved organizing my seasonal decorations and selling some items on Craigslist.

    This past weekend we tackled a lingering project we lovingly dubbed The Office Closet. For three years we dumped any extra paper work or spare computer cord into one closet. Needless to say, it was a jungle. We took the time to finally take everything out. Some things found different homes…some things were thrown away…all of it was organized.

    Next weekend we hit the road again. Mexico or bust!

    One thought on “Detours…

    1. WOW! I helped Michael & Kristi convert their office/second guest room (futon for sleeping, thus the SECOND guest room) a few months ago. It was converted to a NURSERY. If I had been close, I would have loved to help you – I love cleaning out, organizing, & moving things. Enjoy Mexico!!!! Aunt Janet

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