Kubb Cup

    Last weekend, we went camping with Carl and Kristi Hagen and Noah and Katie Haas (great friends of ours from Eau Claire). This is an annual camping trip, and we love the chance to reconnect every summer.

    One Big Happy Family

    Noah loves lawn games and introduced us this year to Kubb. To make it a little competitive, we decided to play boys versus girls.

    Ladies Warming Up

    Game One: Quick and easy victory for the girls. One of the boys accidentally knocked over the King. Whoops!

    Game Two: Slow defeat for the girls. The boys easily knocked down all of our Kubbs (or wooden blocks).

    Jesse's Game Face

    Game Three: The girls began the game with a few bold offensive moves, but the boys quickly created many obstacles. With a few missed opportunities, the girls began a quick comeback to win the championship 2 games to 1.

    We are the Champions!

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