Summer’s Bounty

    One thing I love about summer is growing my own fruits and vegetables. As I posted before, all of nature seems destined to defeat my attempts to grow green beans, but I am pleased with this year’s strawberry crop. These are the first fruits.

    Last year, I found this recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Bread and have made it many times since. It starts with a brown sugar base, and even the batter is delicious.

    Plus, it uses rhubarb, and you can never have too many good rhubarb recipes. As my nephew Cody would say, “Delicious!”

    3 thoughts on “Summer’s Bounty

    1. Hey! I’ve had that bread 🙂 Yum! You really should put the recipe on here if you’re going to brag about how great it is!

    2. Andrea, I would love this bread recipe! We grow rhubarb in our garden too and I love to have new recipes on hand! 🙂 Would you mind passing it on?

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