A Crazy Idea

    On “Labor” Day Jesse and I decided to labor in our yard. For three years we have despised the grass in our front yard. It looks ok until the hot part of the summer and then becomes a bed of weeds.

    Our grass before...

    In a moment of insanity, we decided to use a friend’s front-end tiller and get rid of the old grass. As you can tell, not an easy job.

    Then we spent two evenings raking up all of the dead grass. As you can tell, not an easy job.

    I feel like I am telling the story of “The Little Red Hen”. Then we fertilized and planted. Stay tuned to find out if we really are crazy…

    The yard now raked smooth with fertilizer, seed, and straw on top. Hopefully it grows!

    3 thoughts on “A Crazy Idea

    1. Paul has complained about tilling his parents’ “garden” as a kid. (I use the term “garden” loosely… when you live in the country, gardens can get awfully big!) I’m sure he could sympathize, Jesse!

    2. I can tell – not an easy job! I’m sure the new grass will grow, with all the effort you guys put in to getting rid of old! Show us pictures. Love you!

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