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    This is the time of year that I both dread and love. Being a teacher means summer brings a change in my work life. This summer was different in that I completed 140 hours of my media internship. I ran the media center for summer school and also helped a high school media specialist weed her entire reference collection. I also worked to welcome new staff members and helped to tweak our school’s magnet curriculum. It was a busy summer!

    Tuesday morning starts a new school year. I dread the start of a new year for a few reasons. First, it is a loss of freedom. Even with a busy summer, I still got to run errands during the day and take naps when I needed them. πŸ™‚ Secondly, facing a room of 21 new students scares any teacher. You constantly wonder if you will correctly handle behavior issues and whether they will really learn something this year. Most teachers barely sleep the night before the first day of school!

    On the other hand there are things I love about a new year.Β In the fall it always feels good to get back into a regular routine. I also get to see my co-workers again. It is weird to spend so much time with people and then not see them for three months! Lastly, I have the opportunity to build a relationship with and impact 21 little people for the next nine months…and that is what I love about my job.

    Here I go…

    I love that I still get to take 1st day of school pictures!

    4 thoughts on “Back to School

    1. YEAH! I have loved all the updates lately!! Sounds like Mexico was great (except you getting sick!) Hope you had a great first day of school! Thanks for sharing your first day of school picture πŸ™‚ You’ll have to keep us updated with fun kid stories from school πŸ™‚
      ps. I love the new look! It takes some getting used to seeing your straight hair… but you do look very professional :)I like it! (But don’t forget about your great curls either… πŸ™‚

    2. You look amazing in your first day of school picture! I love your hair and your outfit! Fantastic! I hope the first week went well! Love you!

    3. Oooooh…you look very pretty and professional for back to school! Hope your first day went well!
      Love you and miss you!

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