Full, Fall Weekend

    Friday we traveled to Neenah for a Lashbrook Family Weekend. It’s never a visit home without doing it all! The only thing missing was my dad as he was traveling on business.

    Saturday morning we slept in (this might be a first, but my mom is finally understanding my first life rule: do nothing before 8 am on a Saturday)! My mom made a delicious brunch of quiche, baked oatmeal, and a fruit medley. Then we headed to Oshkosh to visit my niece and nephew birds.

    My Mom and Sookie

    From there we headed to…

    The Little Farmer is a fun place to do fall things like take a hay ride, pick apples, and eat caramel apples.

    We had many butt shots of Eric in the apple trees, but I decided to spare him some embarrassment.

    The main reason for our visit was celebrating Alaina’s birthday. We ended the evening on Saturday with a steak dinner, fun games, and a dirty bathtub chocolate cake (a creative cake for the cake maker).

    Sunday before we left we did get to pick my dad up at the airport. Thanks mom, dad, Eric, and Alaina for a great weekend!

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