Fall Shopping Extravaganza

    Early this summer Jesse informed me he was ready for a new look. I quickly retorted that a new look required shopping, and he hates shopping. To my shock, he replied, “Okay”. To budget our money, we use the envelope system, so I started saving the money in the clothes envelope for a fall shopping adventure. I brought up our shopping trip many times, but Jesse kept putting it off. I finally threatened to spend the money in the envelope on new clothes for me, and Jesse agreed to go shopping.

    We began the afternoon going through our closet and sorting clothes to donate and clothes to trash. Then we each made a list of clothing items we wanted to add to our wardrobe. Jesse’s list included something a mannequin would wear.

    We left home and headed straight to lunch. I have learned that a hungry Jesse equals an I hate shopping Jesse. After lunch we began with a few successful purchases from The Gap. Jesse was energized and in a good mood (we found something straight off a mannequin)! Upon entering Macy’s, I began to see Jesse’s eyes glaze over. We pushed through and made it to American Eagle, Target, and Kohl’s.

    Seven hours later Jesse said, “I finally like my clothes.” Success!

    3 thoughts on “Fall Shopping Extravaganza

    1. Way to survive Jesse! I had a similar experience last winter. I got sucked into quite a bit of shopping, and I think it took more than one trip, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. Somehow I survived and getting a new look was actually somewhat enjoyable (more so after all the shopping was over with).

    2. Way to go, Jesse & Andrea! Maybe you could post before and after pictures like they do on that “Not What to Wear” show. The comment about lunch first reminds me of GE – always feed him first!!!! 🙂 Love you both! Aunt Janet

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