Jesse and I are notorious for traveling on the weekends. We love to visit our families and friends even when they live far away. This fall we are experiencing a change of pace. We are staying home and everyone is coming to visit US!

    It began last weekend when Larry & Cyndee came from Chicago to see the Sutherland family. It was a beautiful Saturday, so we enjoyed biking and playing outside.

    This past weekend my parents came for a visit. Because of MEA, I had Thursday and Friday off of school. My parents came Wednesday night from Neenah, and we enjoyed a long 4-day weekend. The weather was again beautiful, so we hiked the Minnihaha Falls area as well as saw the movie Secretariat and did some shopping. Jesse and my dad even fixed the brakes in one of our cars.

    Next weekend my brother and sister-in-law were going to visit, but my brother ended up having to work in Canada for the next three weeks. We are going to reschedule for December.

    In the beginning of November our good friends Scott and Melissa from Neenah are visiting our house for the first time. They have been in Florida for the last three years, so they haven’t been able to see our home.

    The next weekend Larry and Cyndee will return to celebrate Aubrie’s (our niece) 3rd birthday.

    We don’t mind driving, but we are certainly enjoying staying home. If only my house would clean itself…and wash all of the sheets and towels!

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    1. Hey, we feel special when we make the blog! We had a blast!!! Thanks for everything. XOXOXOXOXOXO (I don’t want to stop!)

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