Christmas Up North

    On Saturday, December 25th we awoke in Chicago to find that Santa had arrived!

    Cyndee has a new bike! Way to go Santa!

    Jesse was also excited by what Santa left for him.

    A Blu-ray player!

    In typical Sutherland style, we jumped in the car and headed Up North. We met Josh, Katie, Cody, and Aubrie for a delicious Christmas dinner. Then we opened more gifts. It is always more fun to share Christmas with children!

    Aubrie's new books
    Cody's digital camera taking a picture of his new African knife (Katie is cringing in the background)
    Big hugs for the GREAT gifts!

    We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, resting, and…

    ...playing ANGRY BIRDS!

    Not to mention hitting the trails for some great snowmobile rides (we missed you Larry).

    Sutherland Team #1
    Cody is ready-great snowsuit Katie!

    Do you notice a lack of pictures of any adults Up North??? Our nephew and niece are SO cute! Thank you Sutherland family for a great Christmas!

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