Apple Nerds

    Jesse’s first Apple purchase was an iPod. Jesse bought the original iPod even though his parents didn’t even know what an mp3 was. His next Apple purchase was the hotly contested Mac mini (hotly contested by me because I wanted him to be saving for something shiny instead of buying a second computer). Since being married, we have bought a new iPod (with more space for Jesse’s impressive music collection), Jesse’s MacBook Pro, and my MacBook Pro. I have realized the need for a technology line item in our budget. On a side note, my husband has saved for months and sometimes even years for some of these purchases. For Christmas from Jesse’s company (, we got an iPad.

    Our Apple hearts were very content…but then Jesse’s dreams finally came true. Jesse has ALWAYS wanted an iPhone…ALWAYS. Since January 9, 2007, Jesse has followed all of the news about the iPhone, developed apps for the iPhone, and watched as friend after friend purchased iPhones. He and I always teased about the iPhone, but we never wanted to switch over to AT&T when both of our families use Verizon. On January 11 Verizon announced the coming of the iPhone and on February 7, 2011 Jesse’s iPhone arrived.

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    4 thoughts on “Apple Nerds

    1. Congratulations to you both on the arrival of your newest member to your technological family. Sent from my old laptop. 🙂 Aunt Janet

    2. Look at you two moving up in the Apple world. You guys make me smile :).

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