Our Refrigerator is Running…Sadly!

    We bought our house in the summer of 2007. We LOVE owning a home. We have found, though, that families always have to choose how to spend their money. As you can tell from our blog, we love to travel. We also love furnishing and redecorating our home. It is hard to do both!

    Right now, we are planning a spring break trip to visit some dear friends in North Carolina. We are also saving to get new bedroom furniture. This will allow us to move our bedroom furniture into our guest room, and then we will repaint and redecorate. In the meantime, our refrigerator is leaking water inside. On numerous occasions, we have found puddles of water inside the fridge sometimes ruining food. We have done our own research and attempted to fix it ourselves, but on Monday a handyman will pay us a visit to determine the damages. Sigh. Please do not call me and ask, “Is your refrigerator running?” I might not want to chase it!

    2 thoughts on “Our Refrigerator is Running…Sadly!

    1. How could I not comment on this??? I won’t call you and ask if your refrigerator is running, but I will laugh out loud as I remember that very same call a few years ago.. hahaha!!!! 🙂 So exciting that you are going to visit Ross and Megan!!!! YEAH!!! 🙂 See you this weekend 🙂

    2. Aahh, the joys of home ownership!
      Hey, what about visiting some dear family in South Carolina?????? 🙂

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