At 4:30 am on Tuesday morning, Jesse woke me up with a start, “Do you smell smoke?” I did as Jesse hopped out of bed to investigate. He immediately ran downstairs to check on the furnace. From our bedroom, I heard a strange sound coming from the office. I ran into the office to find smoke billowing out of our fish tank. I quickly pulled the electrical plug to all parts of the tank.

    Jesse looked at the tank and thought it was probably our filter. He carried it downstairs, and we tried to go back to sleep. It was difficult as our adrenaline was pumping, and our whole house smelled like smoke. Upon further investigation, we realized the smoke was actually coming from the fish tank heater. We are still working on contacting the company to alert them to the malfunction.

    The next day I felt extremely tired, but I mostly felt grateful. We quickly realized that we had just had a close encounter with a dangerous situation. Our smoke detector never went off, but we were able to recognize the danger and take care of it before our home was damaged. Thank you, Lord, for protecting our home and both of us!

    4 thoughts on “Thankful…

    1. I am so glad you are okay!! Praise God that he woke you when he did. I am so glad he was protecting you! Have you called the company yet? What did they say?

    2. This reminded me of our humidifier fire!! One night I woke up to a bright orange light across the room and yelled “Paul! What is that?” Of course, we are both totally blind without our glasses so we fumbled for our corrective lenses just in time to realize that our brand new humidifier was literally in FLAMES!! Paul unplugged it while I grabbed a (rather futile) glass of water from the bathroom that we realized was probably not the solution to an electrical fire!! We, too, were so thankful to realize that we’d woken up before the smoke detector! Glad to know that you are safe, too!!

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