Lately, I have been visiting the grocery store on an almost daily basis. It is silly, but the closest Cub Foods is less than a mile away, so it is easy to stop by on my way home from work, on my way to work, or other times as well.

    Spring is such a busy time. My brain is full with grading, entertaining, and house work. In the month of April we hosted my mom and brother, Bible study, our friends the Quams, our friends Jon and Heather, a birthday tea, our friends Carl, Kristi, and Tyler, and Jesse’s grandpa and grandma Jones. Every time a new event came up, I needed to go back to the grocery store!

    Tonight Jesse and I took my second trip of the day together…on our bikes. We were able to return a mistake I made, pick up the things I forgot, and get some exercise as well. My new goal is to get a Burley Bike Trailer in order to be able to carry all of my groceries home. If I have to bike on all of my trips to the grocery store, maybe I will visit less often!

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