Young Love

    A few weekends ago, Jesse and I had the privilege of driving to Chicago to meet Tim. Tim is Jesse’s Grandma Sutherland’s “special friend”. It was fun (and a little funny) to be considered the old, married couple around such young love.

    The trip was also an excuse for the whole Sutherland family to get together. First, to meet Tim, and then to shower Katie (Jesse’s cousin) with gifts for her upcoming wedding in June.

    We look forward to seeing more of the Sutherland family in July for Justin and Megan’s wedding (another of Jesse’s cousins).

    Tim, Grandma, Cyndee and Larry


    3 thoughts on “Young Love

    1. How fun!! I love your sandals! And I am so happy to see you wearing a skirt and sandals! Finally spring time!!

    2. Great entry! Love is fun whether it is young love, old love or “in between love.” Speaking of love, I love you jacket, too, and your skirt and sandals. Well, I just love everything about you!!! I miss you!

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