A Big Job…

    This past weekend Jesse helped me accomplish another crazy project. I only received a few murderous glares during the process…

    When Jesse built me the raised vegetable gardens, we placed them on the east side of our house. When I decided I wanted more garden space, he built me two more raised beds on the west side of our house. Because of the hot afternoon sun, the vegetables and fruit on the west side of the house have grown better than the original vegetable beds. For this reason, I had the great idea of moving the original vegetable beds to the sunny side of the house.

    Original East Side Vegetable Beds
    Original West Side Vegetable Beds

    We decided the first step was to shovel dirt out of the vegetable beds to be moved. We then moved the wooden frame together with the chicken wire into place. Next, we ripped up the grass under where the new bed would go creating sod for where the vegetable bed came from. After that, we shoveled dirt back into the frame ready for planting. Lastly, we transplanted the grass to the other side of the house. We are hoping it grows, so we have minimal seed to plant.

    Ready, Set, Go!

    When the moving was finished, I planted my vegetables. This is the first year I am trying pole green beans. The other back bed has strawberry plants. The far front bed has tomato and pepper plants. The near front bed has summer squash and will have bush green beans for staggered planting.

    Finished Project

    For those of you not interested in my gardening projects, you will be happy to know I will soon be chronicling our next adventure. Jesse and I have a 10 day trip to Italy planned in June. Check back soon for more details!

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