For the Third Time…

    Labor Day Weekend we set out on our third adventure on the Superior Hiking Trail. Thankfully, this was our least eventful trip.

    This year we invited my dad to join us backpacking. He has backpacked portions of the Appalachian Trail with my brother and my uncle, so he was excited about the opportunity to backpack again.

    We planned to hike a total of 20 miles from Caribou Trail to Bally Creek Road.

    The first day we hiked 4 miles in and camped at a lovely campground next to a moving creek.

    Jesse with our tent
    Dad with Ross and Megan's tent (thanks for letting us borrow it!)

    Our second day was the longest and most difficult. We planned to hike 11 miles. We finished the first 5 miles in one hour and forty-five minutes. We couldn’t believe it. Sadly, the next six miles took about an hour each. We were hiking through the Cascade River Valley. It was beautiful, but we hiked from low ground to high ground.

    On Sunday we hiked the remaining 5 miles.

    The interesting thing was that we didn’t see any Lake Superior views. Each time we climbed a bluff we were looking out to the west. The one time we could have seen the lake (from Lookout Mountain), it was so hazy we couldn’t see anything.

    Enjoy the views we did see!

    2 thoughts on “For the Third Time…

    1. Yay!!! I am glad our tent saw a trail this summer since we didn’t get to use it! Glad it worked out :). Looks like you had a lot of fun!

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