Jesse and I enjoy carving pumpkins. We carved pumpkins with our families growing up, we have carved pumpkins with our friends, and we have carved pumpkins with our small group.

    Last year our small group began enjoying a fall evening together, and this year we continued the tradition. We began with a take-out potluck. Each couple brought their favorite take-out food to share. We had pad thai, stir fry, tacos, barbecue, and fried chicken. After dinner, we headed out to pick out our pumpkins from a local patch where the proceeds support a summer mission trip.

    We then began carving. Recently, Jesse began using templates in his pumpkin carving. He prints out a design and carves from there. I used the Internet as a source for ideas, but then Jesse helped me freehand my pumpkin design. We were pleased with this year’s results!

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