100,000 Miles…

    Some of you may wonder at the title of our blog. Six months into our marriage, Jesse’s car died. We were able to trade in Cameron for Urma. We have owned Urma for 5 years, and we have driven 100,000 miles in our car. On average, we drive 20,000 miles a year.

    Let me use the last four week as an example.

    We began celebrating Christmas with the Smith-Sutherland family. We met at a water park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. For the first time in two and a half years we were ALL there. This is quite the feat because one of the Smith families now lives in Kenya, but they were able to travel home for the holidays. From Lake Geneva, we drove to Chicago to continue the Christmas festivities.

    At the Waterpark
    The Smith Kids

    We returned home on Monday because we had to work Tuesday-Friday. On Friday afternoon we drove to Neenah, Wisconsin for the Lashbrook family Christmas. My grandparents from Indiana also joined us in Wisconsin. We played games, exchanged gifts, and even went to an arcade for one evening of fun.

    Christmas Eve
    Christmas Day

    We drove back to Minnesota on Wednesday to celebrate a friend’s wedding. Saturday morning we flew and drove to Upland, Indiana for Jesse’s grandma’s wedding. We celebrated New Year’s Eve with the Sutherland family and enjoyed the reception, post-reception party, and after the post-reception get-together.

    Grandma Sutherland's Wedding

    Sunday morning we drove to Chicago for the immediate Sutherland family Christmas before returning to Minnesota on Monday.

    The Best Gift of Christmas

    The next Friday I drove back to Neenah, Wisconsin to celebrate a baby shower for my sister-in-law Alaina.

    We do a lot of traveling but always enjoy the time it gives us to spend with friends and family. Now, our suitcases are finally unpacked, and we are looking forward to some time at home!

    3 thoughts on “100,000 Miles…

    1. I think you missed out a key point that you celebrated your friends wedding on Friday evening and turned around and left for the airport at 6am Saturday morning- that is worth noting!! Glad we have been able to be around for the ride for many of your 100,000 miles!! Here’s to many more miles! 🙂

    2. Whew, I feel tired and I didn’t even do all the traveling! You know I love when I make the blog, but I love even more spending time with you and Jesse!!! Happy trails and many more to come hopefully!

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