On March 5, 2012 my brother and Alaina welcomed Roman Eli Lashbrook into our family.

    We had been waiting for his arrival since February 16. Knowing our busy schedule in March, Jesse and I decided to head to Neenah for a weekend visit even though Alaina was not in labor. Saturday morning we headed to Cedar Grove for a visit. We enjoyed a walk, dinner together (at Texas Roadhouse of course), and playing games.

    Early Sunday morning we began receiving texts that Roman was on his way. My parents headed to Cedar Grove right away, and Jesse and I packed up and relaxed throughout the morning. In the early evening everyone headed to the hospital, and Jesse and I joined my dad for the vigil. At 2 AM Jesse and I decided we needed some sleep and headed to the hotel for the night. The next morning we awoke to no news, so we headed back to the hospital. Roman decided to wait until 4:21 PM to join us.

    Coming Home from the Hospital with Grandma Lashbrook

    You may notice that there are no photos of Jesse and I with Roman. 🙁 Because we had to work on Tuesday, Jesse and I headed back to Minnesota at 4 PM on Monday, March 5 and didn’t get to meet our adorable nephew. We were so sad but are looking forward to meeting him this coming Easter. More pictures to follow.

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    1. He is so cute! I’m sad that he was not considerate enough to be born in time for you to meet him! Rachel had the courtesy to arrive during her Uncle Matt and her Aunt Katie’s spring breaks 🙂 (with a little nudging, of course!) Enjoy your Easter weekend!

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