This has been a difficult school year for me. I have loved teaching second grade for the sixth time, but I was beginning to find myself more frustrated by the little things and complaining on a more regular basis. I know these things are heart attitudes and I needed some adjustment, but Jesse and I also started having conversations about doing something different.

    Right before spring break, I found out that the media specialist at my school was leaving our library. In December of 2010 I finished my master’s degree from Mankato in the middle of a blizzard. You can read about that adventure here. Spring break gave Jesse and I the perfect opportunity to talk about next year at Diamond Path.

    In the fall I will no longer be a second grade teacher at Diamond Path. Instead I will be taking over as the library media specialist at Diamond Path. I will teach first through fifth grade students library skills and a love of reading and books. I am very excited but also very nervous. Thankfully, when I told my class of second graders, they boosted my confidence…because they cheered!


    8 thoughts on “Change…

    1. Sounds like a neat opportunity to do something different! I will be thinking and praying for you as you start on this new adventure.

    2. Sounds like a wonderful open door!! How exciting. You will do AWESOME at this! And I trust it will be a refreshing change 🙂

    3. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful person and teacher for our media specialist. The kids love you and you will do great!

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