I had high hopes for my garden this year. I wrote a post about all the things I planted. You can read it here.

    This summer was a bit of a fail. It started when something came and ate/trampled five of my seven sunflowers. Then the deer ate my potato plants and my green beans. Then there was a drought, and it never rained, and we were gone every weekend. Lastly, the Japanese beetles showed up to devour what the deer left behind.

    I spent today doing my fall garden clean-up. Basically, I just pulled up my one sunflower that bloomed, all of my strawberry plants, and all of my green bean plants. I decided to check on my potatoes to see how they were doing.


    Success! I actually managed to grow something this year that we were able to harvest. This is all of the potatoes from three potato plants. I planted six, so I will dig up the rest next week. We haven’t eaten them yet, but we are looking forward to some homegrown produce.

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