On March 5, 1983 my parents got married. This marriage created my family and helped shape the person I am today. I am one of the lucky ones. After thirty years, my parents are still happily married.

    They will be one of the first to tell you that marriage takes work. I remember coming home from school and finding my parents on the couch talking about their days. I remember them taking trips with my brother and I…and without us. I remember them praying together before falling asleep at night. I remember sitting down to dinner as a family almost every night of the week.

    At this impressive milestone, I want to wish Glen and Janet Lashbrook a happy anniversary. If you have any words of encouragement or gratitude for them, leave a comment here, jump over to my mom’s Facebook page, or send them a card in the mail. I love and appreciate their example of marriage as I am sure do many of you.

    3 thoughts on “Milestones…

    1. I think anyone who has been married for any amount of time can appreciate that lasting marriages don’t just happen! Congratulations to your parents! I remember you telling me about your parents sitting on the couch every day after work to take the time to talk thru the day. That is a tradition I try to make a part of our days as well. What a great example for the importance of prioritizing one another.

    2. I love that you are blogging and I love when I make the blog (with dad, of course)! Thanks for the thoughtful words and the sentiments behind them!!! We are thankful for two children who love us and love the Lord. We are also thankful that both of our children married people whom we love and adore.

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