The Second Trimester

    Here are Bump photos from Week 17 through Week 27.

    Some commonly asked questions:

    When is your due date?

    October 12

    Is it a boy or a girl?

    It is a…surprise! We didn’t find out at our Week 20 ultrasound. The wives’ tales say boy. What do you think?

    Are you feeling movement?

    Yes. The light kicks from Week 23 have turned into strong kicks and rolls and bony elbows and knees in Week 27.

    Do you have names picked out?

    Not yet. We have a short list, but we are keeping this a secret also. I know…we are no fun.

    Will you go back to school in the fall?

    Yes! My first day for this school year is August 20.

    How is the nursery coming along?

    Sadly, it is still an office. We are still working on selling some pieces of furniture and beginning to paint. We do have a crib, dresser, and car seat. Lil’ Sprout can now come home with us…

    Are you excited?

    YES!!! Only one trimester left. Let the countdown begin…

    2 thoughts on “The Second Trimester

    1. How about the question – what does your mom think about Lil’ Sprout? Answer – she is absolutely thrilled!!! You look so cute in your baby bump pictures:) Lots of love!

    2. I LOVE the pictures!! I think you look like a movie star in the third one. You are just beautiful!! I can’t WAIT to meet Lil’ Sprout!

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