Four Months

This month Nora eats every 2.5-3 hours, poops every other day, and sleeps 12 hours at night (the longest stretch between feedings being 9 pm – 5 am). At her 4 Month check-up Nora weighs 13 lbs 6 oz (32%) and is 25 3/4 inches long (93%). When being held, Nora now likes to stand instead of sit. At night she is moving around in her crib, so we unswaddled her arms. After meeting her new cousin, Joshua, she got her first Lashbrook family cold with a stuffy nose and cough. It was so sad! We traveled two weekends in a row, and it was a little too much. Nora also switched to her 6 month clothes because she was too long for her 3 month pajamas.

2 thoughts on “Four Months

  1. That is the face I love to see! So many accomplishments since last month. So grateful for her growth!!!

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