Six Months

This has been a month of incredible development! This month Nora still eats every 2.5-3 hours, poops a couple times a day, and sleeps 12 hours at night (this month with MANY interruptions). Nora weighs 16 lbs 4 oz (51%) and is 27 1/4 inches long (92%). She finally mastered rolling both directions and can now move across a room. Nora sleeps on her stomach and started wearing her 9 month clothes. Sadly, they are summer styles, so we have had a to buy a few long sleeve onesies to keep her warm enough. Lastly, Nora got her first two teeth! This has been a sleep SINKER. One night she woke up crying every hour. Jesse and I were going crazy until we finally saw that first tooth. Sleep has improved, but the doctor told me the top teeth will be close behind. Yikes!

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