Ten Months

This month Nora is eating every 3 hours and having solid finger food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, pooping at least once a day (or more if she eats corn!), and sleeping from 7 pm – 6:30 am. She weighs 19 lbs 6 oz. Nora is much more aware this month watching animals at the zoo and imitating things that we do. Jesse and I had our first night away to celebrate our anniversary while Grandpa and Grandma watched Nora. We started swimming lessons, and Nora even dunked her head under the water. With two trips Up North, we spent lots of time outside and in the lake. The saddest part of the month was having hand, foot, and mouth disease in addition to getting three new teeth. One of the most fun things is that Nora will now turn the pages when we are reading books.

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