Twelve Months

This month Nora is eating 1 bottle at bedtime and having solid finger food at breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner (I feel like all I do all day is feed this child), pooping many times a day (I thought this was supposed to slow down?), and sleeping from 7:30 pm – 6:30 am (with NO wake ups…the day has come!!!). She weighs 21 lbs 10 oz (75%) and is 31.75 inches long (99%). Nora has gone from a few steps to easily walking all over. She almost never crawls. We have had many bumps and bruises this month but no major falls. Her favorite word is uh-oh. Our baby has turned into a toddler with a mind and opinion of her own. We enjoyed her first birthday party with many family and friends. This little girl is so loved! I think this will be my last monthly update. I hope to return to a little more regular blogging, but we will see.

One thought on “Twelve Months

  1. We want to see birthday party pictures!!! All you do is feed, and clean up, and wipe faces, and do dishes, and then feed again. #momlife! She’s adorable!

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