No matter how long I live in Minnesota, I still talk about going home when we travel to Neenah, WI. This past weekend we visited my family in my home town. Our first stop was Scott & Melissa Matson’s new house in Neenah. They moved back after being in Florida for 3 years. We are so excited to have them closer to home.

    On Saturday we visited Eric & Alaina’s garden plot. I was very jealous of the huge space they have to grow vegetables, but, alas, I live in the suburbs.

    Eric and Turnips

    Today is Eric’s birthday (happy birthday, brother), but we were able to celebrate last week at our family’s favorite restaurant. My dad claims we were celebrating the rest of the birthdays for the year (lucky for him and my mom who got their own celebrations in January and May while all of us kids have birthdays in the second half of the year). Hopefully, he won’t stick to it.

    Texas Roadhouse

    Sadly, we never have time to visit all of our favorite places and people when we are in town, but that is why we will visit again soon!

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