Life in the City…

    We really enjoy living close to Minneapolis and St. Paul (about a 30 minute drive). For our anniversary we drove to Minneapolis with our bikes. We completed the part of the Grand Rounds route entitled The Chain of Lakes byway. We stopped off at Punch Pizza (they bake pizza the way they do in Nepal). It was very fun and we felt very urban. Plus we were practicing for the Red Cedar Trail in Wisconsin, which we are headed to right now!

    One thought on “Life in the City…

    1. Jesse and Andrea,
      Looking at your blog. I think you are ready for the AT. Have been thinking about a big blow out trip next Summer. Maybe we can get Eric, Alaina, Glen, Shannon, Travis, me and you guys. That would be so cool. The two Janets, Kristi and Michael could do the Motel thing and day hike. The real crew can rough it. If that does not work how about a bike trip across the US. Talk to you later.
      Uncle G.E.

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