Golden Birthday

    Tomorrow is my golden birthday (I turn 27 on August 27th). I have been looking forward to this birthday since my dad’s golden birthday when he turned 27 on January 27th 19 years ago. My mom threw a big surprise party for him, and my brother and I had so much fun being in on the surprise.

    Because we are spending the weekend with the Smiths UpNorth, Jesse and I celebrated tonight. It all began with a gift scavenger hunt. Jesse left me three clues around the house. Each clue eventually held the code to a padlock. Inside was my very own MACBOOK PRO! Many of you remember when Jesse got his MacBook Pro last year. He had saved up for it forever and was so excited. Well, I have been jealous ever since.

    Jesse together with his parents and my parents bought me a laptop as a joint birthday/grad school graduation gift. I’m using it to complete this post. The best part is that Jesse completely surprised me; I had absolutely no idea for probably the first time in our marriage (I’m pretty observant and always catch some kind of hint or clue from Jesse). After starting the set-up on my new computer, we enjoyed dinner together at The Melting Pot. I love birthdays…

    I am heading back to school next week but will try to post about Mexico soon. Let me preview it with it was fabulous and, of course, I puked on myself…

    4 thoughts on “Golden Birthday

    1. Happy birthday!!!! Golden birthdays are great. When I had mine I declared it my birthday month! Congrats in the ne Mac too. Good job Jesse.

    2. That is awesome! What a fun surprise. Great job planning Jesse (& parents)! Glad to hear the Mexico trip was fabulous. Gina & I are still trying to figure out how exactly you puked on yourself. Happy Golden Birthday!!

    3. What a GREAT golden birthday suprprise!!!! Way to go Jesse :). You look super tan in your picture too! I am glad Mexico was fun, I can’t wait to hear about it- including the puke story :). Enjoy your weekend with the Smith’s. Miss you so much!

    4. You had a great surprising birthday! Way to go, Jesse, with the scavenger hunt; those are always fun. Love you guys! Aunt Janet

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