The Bog

    This past week I set out on an adventure by myself. Last spring I was invited to attend our 4th graders annual Wolf Ridge outdoor education trip. I accepted and joined 120 4th graders, 40 parents, and 7 teachers on a four day trip.

    On Sunday I left for the North Shore of Minnesota. The property is on a hill and from certain viewpoints you can see Lake Superior. When Jesse and I hiked the Superior Hiking Trail two summers ago, I snapped this picture knowing the moment would come when I would join the adventure.

    The first evening I completed a high ropes course twice (even backwards once). The next day I attended a class about the Voyageurs where the students learned about the fur trade, how to make fire, and how to paddle a canoe. I helped cook “biscuits” over an open flame. My next class was the high ropes course with students. They were fearless. It was so cool to see them step out onto a single wire with smiles on their faces. The first evening I taught a class about renewable resources, and we made paper out of paper. Are you tired yet? I was!

    The second day I started my morning rock climbing. The students learned to belay for one another. They wanted to belay for me, but I decided to let one of the dads in our group help me out. 🙂 Our afternoon class that day was Wetlands. You may be wondering about the title of this post…but some of you will recognize that a bog is one specific example of a wetland. The kids and I all donned waders and headed out. On our way through the bog, guess who fell through??? Me! I was to my knees in mud. The kids were trying to pull me out with little success. The instructor needed to dig down in the mud, pull out my boot, while two dads pulled out my arms. The kids of course thought it was hilarious and everyone in the school had heard about it by the time I returned on Thursday.

    On our last day (Wednesday) I attended a class about beavers. More pictures will follow, but in all it was a great trip…I hope I get to go again…if I have recovered by next year.

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