How do you wear this?

    After working for two and a half years on my master’s degree in Library Media Education, I will be graduating from graduate school on December 11. Because I worked so hard, I decided I wanted to walk in the graduation ceremony. Plus, you get to wear those fun hoods, right?

    Well, this week my graduation apparel came in the mail. I opened it up and started putting it on. To my dismay, I could not figure out how to put the hood on. I did what any child of the technology age would do and googled it. I read articles, watched videos, and STILL can’t figure out how to wear it. And they are going to give me a master’s degree???

    3 thoughts on “How do you wear this?

    1. I think the point goes down in the back (turn it around 180 degrees) and the curved part chokes you like a turtleneck!? But what do I know? I skipped the Master’s degree ceremony and did nothing with my degree the rest of my life (Well, my life is not over yet.).

      P.S. I’m sick! We all shared more than memories at Thanksgiving. I am still glad we were together.

    2. LOL! Ross could probably help you out! It is super complicated, so don’t feel bad! But no worries because they hood you so they will put it on the right way for you! You won’t even have to worry about it!

    3. Cute picture! Kristi could help you out – we tried to put it on her before the ceremony and someone helped us out by letting us know they would “hood” her on the platform. Funny!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Aunt Janet

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