I Believe…

    My final semester of grad school has been very difficult. I have hit many obstacles and been disappointed by people again and again. This weekend my belief in the good of mankind has been restored.

    It always seems like things happen when Jesse leaves early to be somewhere. If you remember, he left early for work the day I got a flat tire.

    Yesterday he left early for a conference on the day it snowed 10″. Because Jesse’s family was in town for the weekend, I needed to go to the grocery store. I decided to get my exercise and shovel my half of the driveway. On my way to the store I realized none of the roads in my neighborhood had been plowed yet. It was very difficult getting to the grocery store.

    After I returned from the store, I decided to shovel Jesse’s half so we could be on time for Aubrie’s (our niece) birthday party. I had just finished the driveway when the plow came to place a waist high snowbank at the end of my driveway. I just stood and stared at him with my mouth open. With resignation I walked to the end of the driveway and continued shoveling. He made another pass to clear the other side of the road. When I heard the beeping a third time, I began to have hope. Sure enough, he plowed right into my driveway and cleared the entire snowbank in one pass.

    This man, in a very simple way, made my day! Thank you Mr. Plow Man, I believe again…

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    1. Andrea, your mom was telling us this story (at Pizza King in Marion) – what a nice Plow Man! I’m glad you were out there so he could see your face though!

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