Twas the Eve of Thanksgiving

    Twas the eve of Thanksgiving
    And all through the night
    On the road we did go
    It caused quite a fright.

    While others were dreaming
    Of turkey and stuffing
    Except for this poem
    We did absolutely nothing.

    It began with the traffic
    Continued with the snow
    It ended with rainfall
    To mother’s house we did go.

    We found ourselves blessed
    As the wind fiercely blowed
    Many unfortunate souls
    Off the unplowed road.

    We were greeted in Neenah
    With a hug and a kiss
    From our family to yours:
    Thanksgiving bliss!

    3 thoughts on “Twas the Eve of Thanksgiving

    1. I love you guys! 🙂 I am glad you made it safe! Ross and I are thankful for your friendship across the miles this Thanksgiving! Have fun with the family :).

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