In marriage one of the greatest blessings is joining two pasts into one…including two sets of holiday traditions. Jesse’s family celebrated Christmas Eve with the whole family and opened presents and then stockings. My family traveled to Indiana each year and ate specific Christmas cookies.

    Together we have begun a new set of Christmas traditions. It all begins by cutting down the largest Christmas tree we can find. We go Christmas tree hunting the day after a snowstorm and when it is well below zero degrees.

    Christmas Tree 2007
    Christmas Tree 2009
    Christmas Tree 2010

    Another tradition is taking a day off of work for Christmas shopping. When you live in a big city, you are always trying to shop when everyone else is not shopping.

    Lastly, we always spend Christmas with crazy travel plans.

    Christmas 2007 (Chicago, Indiana, Neenah)
    Christmas 2008 (Chicago and Neenah)

    This year we will drive to Chicago for Christmas Eve with the Smiths. We will then drive up to Northern Wisconsin for the Sutherland family Christmas. On Tuesday we will return to Minneapolis to fly to Phoenix, AZ for Christmas with the Lashbrooks. We love our crazy plans and our amazing families.

    One thought on “Tradition!

    1. I guess we have made the blog too many times lately. You totally left us out of the “Tradition!” entry and didn’t even have a photo for Christmas 2009 (even though be braved another Minnesota snowstorm to visit you!!!). Great pics and good traditions anyway. I can’t wait for Phoenix!

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