Christmas Eve

    I thought I could fit all of our Christmas adventure into one post. After all, it was one trip. As I looked through all of the pictures and fun memories, though, I realized that for your sake I will split our crazy travels into a few posts. It will encourage you to stay tuned!

    We began our adventure Thursday, December 23rd. We loaded up the Camry (and I mean LOADED) and drove to Chicago with Christmas tunes playing in the background.

    Friday, December 24th we followed the Smith family traditions. We began the day on Skype with the missing Smith family (Rick, Ann, Katie, Rachel, Julia, and Caleb are in Kenya).

    Merry Christmas in Africa!

    We then admired Bev’s beautiful table (Ann this picture is just for you!).

    Followed by eating beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, the Smith salad, broccoli and cheese, corn, and resurrection rolls (these deserve their own blog post at another time…maybe Easter). The Smith Christmas Eve dinner is a tradition-it is the SAME every year…we love it!

    Dinner is always followed by the Christmas play. With four missing actors and actresses, this year’s play was a bit unorthodox, but still meaningful in its basic story. I must say it included the most graphic birth of Christ I have ever seen (way to go Hannah).

    Michele and I watched in warmth!

    We ended the evening opening gifts from one to another. The highlight this year was a foosball table for Matthew, Mitch, and Mason. Thankfully, our choice of sweatshirts for our nieces were a hit.

    Thank you to the Smiths for a family fun Christmas Eve!

    2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

    1. LOVED the pics and play by play! Thanks for the note to check out your blog! Didn’t know you guys kept one! Look forward to staying in touch with you this way!

    2. What – no pictures of the three wise guys? I loved reading and reflecting on Christmas Eve this way. Thanks for sharing and I will look forward to reading about the rest of your Christmas “vacation.” Do I just save this website and check it?

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