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    I enjoy cooking and also enjoy cooking magazines. I often find recipes that I want to try. For the longest time, I didn’t know how to organize my recipes. I began a binder entitled “Andrea’s Recipes”. In this binder, I typed in all of my favorite recipes, printed them, and divided them by section (Breakfast, Dinner, Sides, Desserts, etc.).

    When I found a new recipe from a magazine, I would tear it out and stick it in the front of my binder. Pretty soon, the front of the binder was full. Then I decided to begin file folders for new recipes (using the same sections as my binder). Only once I have tried a recipe and like it, do I stick it in the front of the binder to be entered onto the computer, printed, and added to the correct section.

    Usually, I try new recipes and don’t like them. I am a relatively picky eater. Today, though, I tried a new recipe and liked it. The recipe is Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meal of Red and Green Pesto with Pasta and Lemon Shrimp. I was so proud that my meal even looked like the picture! The meal was the perfect blend of flavors with just a bit of a kick, plus I learned how to char red peppers and scrape off the skin.

    Just like the recipe photo!
    Our beautiful centerpiece courtesy of Jesse delivered to school on Friday.

    2 thoughts on “New Recipes

    1. Wow. That does look just like a picture from a magazine. Very impressive!!! And yeah for flowers!! 🙂 Any reason? Or just because? I guess if you have to have snow outside, you should get some beautiful flowers inside 🙂

    2. I don’t even like shrimp that that looks delicious!! 🙂 I am glad you liked and and impressed at your “charring” skills :). The flowers are beautiful too!! Miss you friend!!

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